My final post

It has been a long 15 weeks since the start of this digital journey and it culminated tonight with me hitting that submit button for assignment 3.  I have enjoyed having a blog to verbally dump thoughts, more so that I ever thought I would, but I am not the type of person who would continue to do so because quick frankly typing gives me the s@#ts and I have to type lots for assignments that actually matter.  For all those who are still working on the assignment – keep going, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, for those have like myself have submitted – good luck and I hope the whole process has given you at least one thing that you can take with you on your teaching career.

So to take the dolphins line – So long and thanks for all the fish 🙂

Have I integrated enough ICT???

It was difficult to integrate ICT in a prep classroom effectively especially when the class computers died on me and they have an hour every fortnight of a specialist ICT lesson.

I tried to find interactive warm-ups (the school was really huge on warm-ups) and found a few.  This is a link to the BBC Science site I used during prac.  It has an interactive component that the students loved and it was highly relevant to the task they had to complete.  Also the students loved this CVC generator, they even kept going into their lunchtime to have a go!!

Janine‘s blog about Sparklebox was an interesting moral dilemma.  My mentor teacher loves the site and recommended it to use the resources provided, but wondering whether or not the founder is a paedophile kind of taints the site a little.

I don’t know if I have integrated enough ICT for this course but for what the students were required to learn I think there was a good balance.


And it has finished….

I have had an interesting 3 weeks of prac.  On the Facebook page fro EDC3100 there were a variety of experiences with the class and the mentors.  One of the most eye opening part of prac for me was the lack of collaboration between classes.  There were 6 classes in the year level but it seemed that everyone did their own thing when it came to teaching.  I’d like to think that I would share resources, if I found something that was brilliant in explaining a concept I would make sure that everyone could have a copy or the link.  Have they made teaching into a competition where you are only out for yourself and your students???

Other students prac journeys with their personal insights




One more week…

It is weird as I sit here, planning for my last week and feeling both relieved and sad that it is all ending.  I have learnt heaps from this, not content, but the difference in upper primary to lower primary.  I had only been in year 5 and 7 classrooms and to then go into a prep was a big change.  I wish that I wasn’t just 4 weeks out from having my ACL reconstructed otherwise I would have loved to do some outdoor activities with the students.

I wish I was organised as Mrs Perrino to structure my thoughts like that, but what she blogged summed up the experience perfectly.  A teacher needs to be all those things.

Good luck to all those who are still out there, we have ticked a box that we needed to tick and hopefully learnt something (for better or worse) about the kind of teacher we want to be 🙂


I was reading another students blog and one of her focusses for the next week (and her last, I’m jealous) was timing in lessons.  I, too, need to be more aware of time and timing during the day.  Non contact time for Music and Library are at different times of the day and I need to wind up and be ready for that, in my rotations for maths and English I need to make sure that it doesn’t go on too long.  I wear a watch but when you are helping a student you aren’t really aware of the time.  Time and timing is something that we as pre-service teachers  need to learn on the job but it feels weird to be checking your watch all the time.  Just another think that you need to think about in the classroom and I’m sure that the more experience you have the easier it becomes.

Reflections on day 4

The interactive part of the IWB now does not work…  The computers in the room now do not work…  At least the computer is still working, …just.  I must admit I don’t like prep, not the kids but what is expected of them.  They have to move so fast through concepts and most of them just don’t get it, but there is no time to help them get it because you have to move on.  How can you move on with students when they do not understand the connection between letters and sounds??  How can you expect a prep kid to sit down and take a test writing numbers when they haven’t been taught how to do that??  I am getting frustrated with myself because it all seems very foreign to me, we haven’t been taught anything at Uni that can prepare us for this and to be a first year teacher out there being thrown in the deep end kind of scares me.  Oh well, got to hold your head up oh oh, got to get a move on yeah, yeah.  Got to keep smiling and keep going, that’s just the way it is…

Reflections on day 1

I am now home, fed and still to have a shower after my day in the prep classroom.  I had a science lesson today, teaching about different materials and their properties which will ultimately result in the students making a wind ornament that can go outdoors.  I had an experiment  planned with the testing of water proof, weight, noise and strength of each material, as each of these elements would make an outdoor wind ornament successful.  I used the IWB to introduce the lesson finding a interactive game that the students could play.  The students responded well to this.   In the feedback my mentor says she has now been sold on some of the benefits of the IWB.  I could play for hours just tapping the board and clicking on stuff.


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Professional Experience

I, like many others, had their first day on prac on Friday.  I have visited the classroom 3 times now and am getting more confident with students names although I still mix them up sometimes and say their name as a question.  I am in the middle of planning for my first lesson and I am procrastinating.  I am in a prep class.  All of my other prac were upper years and I thought it prudent to experience prep as I could be put in a prep class after graduation (in 2 million years – or it feels that long).  Personally I don’t think prep would be my ideal class but who knows as the weeks progress I could change my mind.

Anyway I better get back to my lesson, it isn’t going to write itself…

Myths about teachers

I stole this from a post on Facebook via a teacher and as the blog says some are contentious.  I giggled at some but because it is true in that horror/funny way and it is weird to see these thoughts put into writing.   I can’t really say which is my favourite myth but the one I would like to implement in my house is number 1 – More homework means more learning.

*Please note that most examples given are from USA but you will be surprise at how familiar some of the phrases are*


So without further ado here’s the link to 18 Myths People Believe About Teachers.


What haven’t we learnt???

Rebecca posted about a parent teacher interview that she had and she was pondering about her son and sight words.  This made me think of all the things that I would actually like to learn about in my studies rather than being tossed into the deep end in a classroom situation.

Things I would like to learn:

How to teach children to write

How to teach children to read

What to do when you see a suspect situation

What am I liable for – I understand Duty of Care but where does that start and finish during the day??

The only subject which has given me guidance is Maths.  All core subjects should be broken down like this so it gives us, as pre-service teachers a place to start looking for our own methods.

What else do you think we should be taught??