Queensland Cursive

I have just downloaded Queensland Cursive and Queensland Beginners font from Education Queensland for use in my assignment for EDX3280.   It would also be handy to have for my professional experience as I learnt how to write a long, long time ago and I’m going into a prep class.

It is funny that we haven’t been introduced to this earlier (in Queensland) as this is what is required in school to teach or how to hold a pencil (which I do incorrectly).

I need to learn how to write again and I’m really not looking forward to it.  I hate writing at the best of times.

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  2. As i have done prep and grade 6 I had a lot of expereience with both Qld cursive and print however, i had not thought about this topic now i live in WA…. Oh My Goodness Thank Thank Thank… I will now be heading to the web to find WA Cursive and Print fonts so i can practise before PRAC this year!!!

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