Getting there

With under 1 week to the due date of Assignment 2, I was thinking about how much or little I have done.  I think I am finished the unit plan and only have the justification to go but I haven’t looked at week 8 yet and am wondering if I need to work my way through that before I think my unit plan is done or will I just confuse myself by adding other things and wonder did I do this right?

While reading a Fellow students blog I was reminded of how we all should look at assessments when we become teachers – just because they make sense to us (the ones who write them) does not mean that others will know exactly what is required.

To use another analogy, how many times have you asked your kids to do X and they do Y?  When you ask them generally what you will hear is Ohhh is that what you wanted???  (those who don’t have kids yet, just another thing to look forward to!)


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