Political football

Gonski – such an interesting topic and very divisive.  I’m kind of smack bang in the middle of opinions.  Of course I would like more funding to schools but at what cost.  The federal government think that cutting from tertiary education is ok, I’m not so sure about that.  The state wants reforms but how would they know what to do.

We are the next lot of teachers going into schools, what would be your priority??  Not all schools are equal, should they be?? I think this is an impossible task to do due to socio-economic variables.  What is the answer to that?? I have no idea but money alone is NOT the answer.  Are we trained enough to go into a ‘rough’ school where most of our time will be on discipline?? I don’t know.

There is an awful lot of stuff I just don’t know but one thing I do is that I enjoy teaching, I enjoy light bulb moments and it makes me proud when I can say that one student knows just a little bit more than they did yesterday.


Thoughts on Gonski from a fellow blogger

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